Hi, I'm Matthew.

I'm a 21 year old college student and I love to develop for web, and I enjoy working on games. I also enjoy playing games and live streaming.
On top of that, I also host a YouTube show called Ghost Talk TV along with having my own YouTube channel where I do a variety of videos ranging from tutorials to VLOGs (in my free time).

In my free time, I do enjoy just chilling with my friends and hammocking around in an ENO or playing guitar with my roommate. From time to time we also take some photographs of cars at different car meets too.

SpigotMC Plugins

With my work with WiZARDHAX, I started developing different plugins for the Minecraft server software called Spigot. All the plugins are in Java and most everything I've done for Spigot is open source and available to the public for contribution.

Ultimate Ads

When I was running a forum, I found a need for a simple and straight forward ad-management system. Most of the add-ons out there when I developed the add-on were not very flexible or required use of 3rd party systems. That's when I decided I would make my own.


When working with Bag of Bots, I discovered my love for NodeJS. So I started to contribute to the community. I ended making modules such as Genius Logger, and a module for StreamMe.

Bag of Bots

I joined StreamMe back in April of 2015, and I fell in love with the site. So I started making bots and since then I've been the leading bot provider for the site and created products such as DJ Bot.


Halfpetal is a an organization I've started to handle all the web development I do along with the some of the other open source web projects, such as URL Short.

Silent Games

Silent Games is the small (1 - 2) person game development team. With Silent Games I've been working on a game called Sugar Smash.

WiZARDHAX Minecraft

For about 5 to 6 years I've been working with WiZARDHAX on many small projects, it wasn't till recently where I was recruited by WiZARD (the owner) to redesign, and rebuild the Minecraft server for his viewers. That's when I discovered my love for Spigot plugin development.
Also, in this position I do a lot of server administration, project management, team management, and plugin development.